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Project Description
This project is a sub-framework for the .NET Micro Framework that gives support for several electronical components in the form of drivers NETMF-devices.

What's in the project?
In this project is support for multiple devices by adding several drivers in the form of classes. See the documentation for more details about them.

How to install the framework
I've made a short instruction video about installing this framework. You can see the video here:

How to download the source code
All source code is available on Codeplex. To download the latest release, follow these two simple steps:
1. Browse through the latest build using this direct link:
2. Click on the big download-button

If you need support
The developers and maintainer of this library are all active at
If you encounter any problems with Netduino hardware, it's best to post a thread on those forums.
Also, there's the Discussions tab.

Note about Visual Basic support
Although the framework code is completely written in C#, all samples are available for both C# and Visual Basic. This requires .NET Micro Framework 4.2 or higher.

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