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  • Socket A reference for the socket to be used (see also: SimpleSocket)


  • Listen() Starts listening for incoming connections
  • Beep() Sends a beep to the client
  • Close() Closes the connection
  • Input(Length = 0, Blocking = true) Requests data from the client
  • Print(Text, NoNewLine = false, Buffered = false) Sends data to the client
  • ClearScreen() Clears the screen of the client
  • Color(Foreground, Background) Changes the color of the text and background
  • Locate(Line, Column, Buffered = false) Changes the cursor location


  • EchoEnabled When true, keypresses will be echoed at the client side
  • InputBuffer Returns the length of the input buffer
  • RemoteAddress Returns the hostname of the remote client
  • IsConnected Returns true when there's an active connection

Sample codes

Sample codes are too big for on this wiki. They can be found in the repository in:
  • netmftoolbox\Samples\Visual C#\Terminal Server.sln
  • netmftoolbox\Samples\Visual Basic\Terminal Server.sln

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